It is scary to be a woman of my age and starting a new career. I wish I could say that I struck out bravely to fulfill my needs as an individual, regardless the cost and uncertainty. Instead, I am slightly ashamed that an intolerable work experience was the catalyst for this change. Still, that experience finally gave me the courage to tackle learning how to write — a skill that I have envied in others for many years.

I have usually written privately, often quite late at night, and in many forms: poetry, essays, and fiction. I have notebooks piled in a storage closet full of these late night musings and angst. I continually struggle with writing a novel (historical fiction – history, adventure and romance rolled into one), written at night or on weekends when I can forget all of my real world responsibilities.  I also have public, and mostly academic, pieces that I wrote over the years to meet graduate school or professional requirements. I am at my most prolific during periods of intense stress or depression, needing the release of words on the page. Yet, I am at my best when I come to the writing freely because the story, idea, or words must come out. This is the small foundation on which I will attempt to build a reputation as a good, thoughtful writer.

My husband is less confident than I am about this new endeavor. To him, a job means going to an office, watching that direct deposit appear in our checking account every two weeks, and the joys of company sponsored health benefits. I don’t want to imply that he isn’t supportive; he is the model of the modern husband and I cannot imagine my life without him (or his sure-fire ability to make me laugh until my stomach hurts). Still, I understand his concern with our bottom-line: food on the table, heat and lights, a roof over our head, not to mention day school tuition for our teenage daughter.

So, what am I doing on this blog? I want this site to contain not only my thoughts and growing pains as a writer, but my inspirations, samples of my past work, and a place where my potential will grow into real aptitude.

To anyone visiting, I extend a warm welcome. A journey to a new place is more fun with friends along to share the experience. And now, off we go…

(Note: Anton Chekov wrote: ” Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” This quote is the source of the name for my blog and a beautiful philosophy of writing in one brief sentence).

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